Rebrand Revive

It’s been an incredible journey so far. I’m currently taking something that started as a hobby for me while working and going to school full-time (I guess I have an insane work ethic and very busy hands) to the next level.

I’m pleased to announce we’re currently in the re-branding process and will take on a new name, Heart of Gold. Our new site is

Our Etsy Page

In addition to taking our jewelry line to the next level we will be striving to provide exceptional visual marketing services. We can be reached via our sparkling new email address at


Expect to see some big things from us soon! If you’ve enjoyed Las Charolastras please take the time to visit our new site and follow us there.


Jenny C


Huf x Wu-Tang


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Huf has collaborated with Wu-Tang to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the release of Wu’s debut album, Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers.

If you live in Charleston like me, you can snatch up these gems at Continuum skate shop at 11am tomorrow, 3/1/14.

Here are the promotional snaps I took of the goods



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Jenny C

Lindsey Wixon for ManiaMania


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Melanie Kamsler and Tamila Purvis, the Australian masterminds behind ManiaMania, have been making beautifully moody jewelry for sorceresses since 2009. The girls are obviously doing big things if they nabbed Wixon for their new campaign, Solstice which is inspired by the main witch herself, Stevie Nicks.

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Shop it and get a closer look at the jewels here


Jenny C

Charlotte Free for Spell


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Things that really do it for me in photo shoots: Long boards, solar flare, and Charlotte Free

I’m late to the Spell Holiday 13/14 lookbook party, but what can I say, I’m a busy gal

Spell Holiday 13/14 Look book California Dreaming
Photographer Zoey Grossman
Styling Ashley Glorioso
Model Charlotte Free @ IMG
H&M Ashlee Rose

1Page17_gyps 3Page15_gyps 4Page14_prai 5Page13_bells 6Page12_prai 7Page11_prai 9Page9_dress 10Page8_hat 11Page7_shift 12Page6_play2 13Page5_rmp2 17Page2_kimono 18Page1_Play Shot_02_091_DesertWanderer_Dawn Shot_03_030_Indian-Summer-Shorts Shot_03_059_Indian-Summer-Shorts Shot_04_021_Indian-Summer-Shorts Shot_06_074_Indian-Summer-Shorts Shot_07_051_Indian-Summer-Playsuit Shot_08_038_desert-wanderer-playsuit-noon Shot_08_064_desert-wanderer-playsuit-noon Shot_09_095_Desert-Wanderer-Shift-dress-dawn Shot_13_061_prairie-Dress Shot_16_015Finalcolor Shot_16_040Finalcolor Shot_16_100Finalcolor

See the entire thing here


Jenny C

La Bandita


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I’ve been patiently waiting for Stone Cold Fox to drop their Spring 2014 look book. Emily Ratajkowski is shot by Phillip Lopez in some amazing clothing and hats with a vintage Zoro vibe. Very Selma Hayak in Desperado. Today it finally happened and I am DYING over it.


page-05 page-09 page-10 page-11 page-12 page-13 page-14 page-15 page-16 page-18 page-19 page-21 page-25 page-26 page-27



Having trouble tracking down who those amazing star talon earrings are by…

also everything is so expensive I might actually shed a tear


Jenny C

Friend of Mine


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I am beyond obsessed with the Gypset Collection by Friend of Mine. The designs are gorgeous and the prints and colors are so up my alley


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Once again I’m going crazy for Australian design! I’ve got to get myself there.


Not sure I would’ve picked that model…I certainly wouldn’t have had her make that stupid face in every single photograph. It looks like they photo shopped every look onto the same image of her.

Happy Friday


Jenny C

Oh Anna…


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I have a long standing obsession with Anna Sheffield. She is a NYC based fine jewelry designer, and the founder of another lil’ jewelry obsession of mine, Bing Bang (of which my collection now consists of 6 pieces…so far) I actually saw her in her office one time when I was at a Bing Bang sample sale and totally geeked out like a lunatic fan-girl. Aaaanyway, she just opened a new atelier in nyc and maybe one fine day, I’ll get to wear one of her creations fo-eva

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Jenny C