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Let me sum up how I felt at the beginning of this week in a photo:

Have you ever just felt completely stressed out and down-in-the-dumps for no good reason? (if you’re woman, i’m sure you get it.) Well that was me at the beginning of the week. I got over it and went for a run and my attitude changed to this:

And now it’s FRIDAY! So I feel like this:

The semester begins on Monday which is super lame for the following reasons:

1. School suuuuuxxxx

2. I work in an accounting office, and it’s tax season (tax season suuuuuuuxxxxxx)

3. I will not have as much time as I’d like to work on my Spring line, which may or may not look a little something like this:

(sparkly) You can’t really tell in this photograph – but those yellow crystals are stars. (exiting)

Other things:

Super into a different color on every nail this week.

One of my favorite records in my collection, for obvious reasons

One of my necklaces you can purchase here

I found this piece I was working on in my work bench. It will be a necklace

A necklace I sort of made a little while ago that will be for sale soon here

Lotus the dog has her own instagram now! You can follow her and see what she’s up to. Her username is: Lotusthedog

This week’s lust list is all items/shops on Etsy. (Deal with it)

1. Emma Highfield handcrafted lingerie

I bought this little bra from her a couple of weeks ago and I adore it!!

Here are some other pieces I love:

A limited edition floral set. (The tie back is somehow adorable and sexy at the same time)

Lights Out Gathered Negligee

Keyhole Panel Bodysuit

Love and Devotion Keyhole High Wasted Knickers

Shop the rest here

2. Eidel Precious jewelry

I am in love with this ring:

White sapphire heart in rose gold

Other beauties:

Heart white sapphire diamond earrings in 14k rose gold

25ct cushion peach champagne sapphire in 14k rose gold

Shop the rest here

3. Pretty Tape

Japanese Washi masking tape, rubber stamps – I mean, how can you not love everything?

What do you do with Washi tape? Here are some great ideas from Poppytalk

Here are some more ideas from Briday Musings

Rubber stamps!!!!

Shop everything here

4. Last but not least, Collectors warehouse :vintage stickers, stationary, and more

two words: LISA FRANK

there is a Lisa Frank section. here

holy shit – looking at the inventory really brings me back. i had ALL OF THESE STICKERS!!!!!!!!!!!

scratch and sniff!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shop the rest here (UPDATE!!! The Collector’s Warehouse is now offering 15% off with coupon code: LUSTLIST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

That’s all for this week. Have a wild weekend (i know i will!!!…..)



Jenny C