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Here’s a nice Jam

Feels like Friday.

I love my little lady business cards.

(from moo.com   this is not a sponsored post btw)

I’ve been trying to find some new photography/editing apps for the iphone

My two current favourites are mirrocamfx and wowfx, which I used for the photos above. Which other ones do I need?

My class was cancelled last night!!! So I got to spend the night working in my studio

I am using up ALL these skulls and hopefully getting rid of all the pieces at the Punk Rock Flea Market in Phila in Dec. I am sick of looking at their stupid fucking faces.

Waiting on the mail to be able to finish this Lapis Lazuli Tibetan Horn Necklace.

Here’s an “outfit post”. Today’s nails, Necklace, and my favourite pants by my new fave. brand on ASOS, Warehouse

Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t eat too much giiiirl


Jenny C