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Things that really do it for me in photo shoots: Long boards, solar flare, and Charlotte Free

I’m late to the Spell Holiday 13/14 lookbook party, but what can I say, I’m a busy gal

Spell Holiday 13/14 Look book California Dreaming
Photographer Zoey Grossman
Styling Ashley Glorioso
Model Charlotte Free @ IMG
H&M Ashlee Rose

1Page17_gyps 3Page15_gyps 4Page14_prai 5Page13_bells 6Page12_prai 7Page11_prai 9Page9_dress 10Page8_hat 11Page7_shift 12Page6_play2 13Page5_rmp2 17Page2_kimono 18Page1_Play Shot_02_091_DesertWanderer_Dawn Shot_03_030_Indian-Summer-Shorts Shot_03_059_Indian-Summer-Shorts Shot_04_021_Indian-Summer-Shorts Shot_06_074_Indian-Summer-Shorts Shot_07_051_Indian-Summer-Playsuit Shot_08_038_desert-wanderer-playsuit-noon Shot_08_064_desert-wanderer-playsuit-noon Shot_09_095_Desert-Wanderer-Shift-dress-dawn Shot_13_061_prairie-Dress Shot_16_015Finalcolor Shot_16_040Finalcolor Shot_16_100Finalcolor

See the entire thing here


Jenny C